Best 20 inch Led Light Bar Reviews 2017

Today, to serve better the demand of car users, manufacturers take constantly new steps, including the technology of lights. Looking back on a long way from the 1980s simple acetylene lights to toady, Led light bars for the car make many people disappointed.

Although the Led light bar is born later than elder counterparts, it is not so underestimated. In contrast, the 20-inch LED light bar in the cars is a progressive step in new technology and is extensively equipped in almost vehicles today, not only because of its modern technology but also good lighting quality to give you the most precious experience.

Advantages of Led light bar

By equipping the LED light bar for your vehicle, you can be more comfortable when driving at night. LED light bar is not only a decorative device but also has many other advantages that you may not know yet.

  • High lighting performance, good illumination
  • High lifecycle
  • Various designs, beautiful design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Affordable price
  • High applicability
  • Waterproof, dust proof

Why should you use the 20 inch Led light bar to your car?

Born quite early, lighting equipment gradually has become indispensable part on the car. The Led light bar for the car is one of new innovations in modern use trend. It has only been developed in recent years, but instead of lighting up by gases such as xenon or incandescent light such as halogen, the Led light bar is designed by the Leds to light up.

This type only requires a very small power source but it produces a wide range of long and wide light with the best illumination. With high and good illumination efficiency even in cold weather, fog …etc. it helps to reduce accident risks on moving, along with long lifecycle up to 50,000h.

All make this product receive many plus points from the users.It does not consume power significantly, so the Led light bar contributes to environmental protection.

Another advantage is that the LED light bar can be mounted on many different surfaces; so it not only looks sleek and fancy, but also has good quality.Thanks to its outstanding advantages, the LED light bar promises to bring new changes in the quality and design of the lights for the cars.

How to select the suitable Led light bar?

The Led light bar for the cars in the market today are diverse in design, type and quality. Take a priority to following criteria to choose for your car a LED light bar suitably and easily.

  • For the capacity: for a lighting system, the operation capacity is quite important. Because it determines the illumination of light. The greater the capacity of the LED bar is, the better the illumination will be processed; and the quality of light will make you satisfied.
  • For the product lifecycle: This criterion will help you choose the most durable product. Choosing high durable and lifecycle product will help you minimize the unnecessary costs.
  • For the dimension: Led light bar for the cars has various sizes (8.10, 15 inch …etc.). Take the priority to the right size and fit for your car.
  • For the material: The bad material will take you a fee for maintenance due to damage during the use.
  • For the price: Along with the quality, the price must also match the need and circumstance of each person. The too expensive products are not perhaps “perfect” products. So, choose the light matching your ability.

Select 20-inch Led light bar

Beside the 8,10,15 inch Led light bars, 20-inch Led light bar will be the appropriate choice to upgrade the lighting equipment for your car, truck…

Regardless of whether you use the led for what purpose, 20-inch Led is a product equipped with flexible lighting even in low light with affordable price, beautiful design even if compared to the most high-class products will give you the best choice.

Review some the best 20-inch led light bars today

LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w Off Road Lights Driving

20-inch LED Nilight led light bar looks like a relative small size in glimpse, but the quality of light is quite good. With a tight design made of high quality aluminum, stainless steel and anti-corrosion, dust proof frame, Led Nilight will be the ideal choice for those who want to upgrade their lighting system.Nilight-Lights-Driving-Lighting-Warranty

The average lifecycle of Nilight Light Bar is 30,000 hours; as a result, its price is relatively cheap compared to other counterparts. With a special combination of light beams, the lighting effect is quite good, allowing you to see the dangers ahead when moving at dark streets.And with its powerful illumination, this light bar is suitable for those who frequently move on the streets in low light conditions and with multiple turns.


  • High quality aluminum material, stainless steel frames.
  • Waterproof and dust proof.
  • High capacity.
  • The glass side is made of PC pipe.
  • Lighting is compatible with most jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs …etc.


  • Require to buy a set of wire for installation

TMH 20″ Dual Row High Power LED Work Light Bar 13000 Lumens Off-road

The 20-inch Dual Row High Power light bar is equipped with a powerful CREE Led system combined with ultra-bright light beam, high capacity and wide illumination that light up to 13,000 points with the brightness off 6000K. The design is made of high quality aluminum enclosure and high quality aluminum frames, the lens made of anti-collision plastic glass and waterproof in any situations.TMH-Motorbike-Motorcycle-Excavator-Bulldozer

With this led, you can customize the light easily according to your level and demand. The light has also high applicability and is used for a variety of vehicles such as: ATV, SUV, motorcycle, bicycle, bus…etc.


  • Very high light
  • High quality aluminum, waterproof enclosure.
  • High capacity.
  • Price reasonable.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Low durability.

Northpole Light Waterproof CREE Spot Flood Combo – Fog Light with Mounting Bracket for Off Road, Truck, Car, ATV, SUV, Jeep

The Northpole Light LED Light Bar is not only a conventional light but also used in many applications such as agricultural machinery lighting, marine lighting, emergency and rescue lighting…etc. The Northpole Light LED Light Bar has a high applicability when it can be used for vehicles such as: ATV, SUV, truck, train, fire truck, rescue truck …etc.Light-Northpole-Waterproof-Driving-Mounting

With the design made of high quality painted aluminum enclosure, stainless steel frame, waterproof and anti-corrosion, the light can suffer under extreme weather conditions.

The Northpole Light’s average lifecycle is 30,000 hours, with high capacity and color temperature of up to 6,000K. The product is rated as environmentally-friendly with low power consumption and enough heat dissipation to provide the illumination.


  • The design is made of high quality aluminum enclosure, stainless steel, waterproof and anti-corrosion frame
  • Highly applicability
  • Low price.
  • 12-month warranty for free.


  • Defective product during shipping.

Led Light Bar Bangbangche 20″ 126W Combo Wiring Harness

20-inch Led Bangbangche with innovative design is made of Diecast aluminum, waterproof and anti-corrosion, dustproof and anti-shock, so you can move even in the the most extreme weather. The glass surface is made of Quart Lens for high brightness and wide Bangbangche with high capacity, easy installation, and affordable price will satisfy many people.Bangbangche-Harness-Driving-Reverse-Tractor

20-inch Led Bangbangche can be used for vehicles such as ATV, SUV, truck …etc. and other vehicles. It also has the high applicability: indoor or outdoor use, garden lighting …etc.


  • High product lifecycle.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Waterproof, anti-corrosion, dust proof…etc. advanced technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy installation
  • 1 year warranty


  • High price.

Auxbeam LED Light Bar 20″ 126W CREE LEDs Dual Row IP 67 Waterproof

20-inch Auxbeams led light bar has a relatively lighting with a reasonable price compared to other Leds. This product is designed with penetrating light beam and plenty of resplendent lighting on sides. Polycarbonate lens designed to protect the led from being broken is also a plus point of this product.Auxbeam-Light-Flood-Waterproof-Off-road

The 20-inch Auxbeams has the high applicability in car lights, lights, working lights…etc.


  • Moderate illumination
  • 1 year warranty


  • High price.


If you want to upgrade a better light bar, in above five products, each product has own criteria, need to use and outstanding strengths. . Particularly, Dual Row High Power or Nilight Light Bar has good lighting and affordable price is also a reasonable choice for many people. Take the priority to use product under your demand.

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