Best 24 inch Led Light Bar Reviews 2017

Leds are collected into a long bar, called as a Led light bar. Led light bar is the best lighting technology today. It has different lengths of 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch… etc. In which, 24-inch Led light bar is commonly used to support the lighting vision for the driver operating in hard environment in a long time thanks to its features such as power saving, high illumination intensity.

However, choosing the suitable light bar for your car is not simple because no everyone is fully aware of nature and problems around it. This article introduces you 6 best 24-inch Led light bars for the cars in 2017.

Benefits of using 24-inch led light bar

The development of automobile industry leads upgrading supporting technologies. LED light is a proof because its operation principle is different from halogen or xenon. The usefulness of Led Lights is undeniable.

  • Lifecycle of Led light is high. Because it does not rely on filament to create the light, lifecycle can last longer. Most LED light bars have an average lifecycle of 25,000 to 100,000 hours, much more than the usual counterparts of 15,000 hours.
  • Optimal power savings for the cars. For conventional lights, though they are not used while the car is running, certain amount of battery power is lost. But the Led lights bar does not, so, you do not need to worry about the Led light bar will consume a lot of power from your car.
  • Limiting the heat when in use. When the LED light bars are used, they emit a very small amount of heat. This helps to limit malfunction of led lights or limit the risk of fire or explosion.
  • Led light bar is environmentally friendly product. Traditional lights are often used materials harmful to human health and environment. Led light contains carbon decomposing substance and does not use fragile glass. Led light bar is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable and widely used both indoor and outdoor.

When to use the 24-inch Led light bar?

Under normal driving conditions, installing a Led Light bar may not be necessary; however, if you have to frequently drive in extreme weather conditions such as driving in the dark on trails with no lights or heavy fog, dense dusty, the Led light bar is the best choice for your car. They help you broaden safer vision into dangerous terrains.

Led light bar is designed to support the illumination of your car headlights, it is not only relatively lightweight, durable and high quality light, but also helps your car to save the power. A 24-inch LED bar can generate 30,000+ lumens of light intensity to give you a wide view.

Led Common disadvantages of Led light bar

LED equipped cars are always expensive because of appropriate design costly. The Led light always should have cooling system, placed in engine compartment, to make heat dissipation to semiconductor chips, avoiding the risk of melting surrounding details and connecting cables. This will inevitably affect the functionality of other parts such as FM radio …etc.

How to choose the best 24-inch Led light bar

You desire to find the 24-inch Led light bar suitable to your demand; you should also consider factors such as efficiency and safety of the car, or whether you can drive in many difficult terrains without worrying about the breakdown.

You also need to consider when installing with restrictions; the installation into the car take much time and requires the certain patience. Also, note the following conditions:

  • Brightness: The brightness of LED light bar is measured in lumen, which is a measure of light output,
  • Performance: Lumen per watt, or lm/ W, although this does not reflect the quality of the Led Bar.
  • Led color temperature: Depending on what terrain you drive, choose the Led color with different colors. In dense fog weather, yellow is useful because it significantly reduces the amount of back scatter from water droplets. Blue or amber is most commonly used in conjunction with a temperature gauge, reduces eye fatigue.
  • Water and dust resistance: Good LED light bars contain IP indexes to show dust and water resistance infiltrating to the light. For example, a light bar has an IP67 rating, it means it is completely free from the dust and can be soaked in one meter of water within 30 minutes.
    Below are the typical IP ratings on the LED light bar:

    • IP65 – Protect from dust and water from heavy rain
    • IP66 – Protect from dust and against saltwater or heavy rain
    • IP67 – Protect completely from the dust and soak within 30 minutes
    • IP68 – Protect from dust and against continuous submergence
    • IP69K -Protect from dust and against high temperature, near spray, high pressure spray
  • Power Connection: For example, the common index is 9-30 VDC ” or ” 10-70 VDC “, it means you can operate the LEDs in a 12V, 24V or 48V system as long as such voltage is within the specified range.
  • Also you should care other factors such as warranty, model, conductor, color change, attached options…etc.

Comparison: Top 5 “24-inch Led light bars”

Eyourlife 24″ LED Light Bar 7200LM 120W Offroad Lighting for SUV Ute ATV Truck 4×4 Boat Pickup


  • The Led light bar provides the visibility for the driver with 40 small lights, 7200LM – 120W light intensity, and 6000K pure white light.Eyourlife-7200LM-Driving-Offroad-Lighting
  • Provide the good heat dissipation with aluminum fan design to dissipate the heat faster and effectively increase the lifecycle of Led light bar up to 50,000 hours.
  • High performance with IP68 waterproof rating; The light bar is designed with full aluminum housing to withstand extreme environmental conditions, protect the LED light bar from the rain, wind and sand during long trips.
  • The joystick is suitable for a variety of operations including the lightweight Eyourlife led model with slant angle bracket and Quake proof model when you drive on rugged terrain.
  • Light beam: Light beam is compatible with most Jeep, 4x4s, automobiles, trucks, Motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, Boats …etc. There are many indoor and outdoor uses such as Backyard Lighting, Back Light, Off Road Lighting …etc.
  • Good rating on popular websites and regularly rated 5 stars.
  • Competitive price.


  • Some customers have noted that lenses should be checked because they may have been leaking.
  • Non-attached connection wire on the product

Yitamotor 2PCS 24 inch Free Wiring Harness, 120W – 10,800 Lumens


  • High light quality, 10,800 Lm light density and 120 Watt output, Yitamotor 24″ Offroad Led light bar is the ideal choice for brightening everything in front of your vehicle.YITAMOTOR-Offroad-Trucks-Trailers-Harness
  • The wide light range and a combination of 60-degree and 30-degree beams give father and wider lighting, clear vision in any terrains which help you avoid the potential dangers on the street ahead.
  • There is a light pattern that helps the vehicle work very well while driving in the fog
  • Durable die-cast aluminum body for light bar with vibration design will remove noise and wind resistance.
  • The average lifecycle of the product is over 50,000 hours and the IP67 rating makes it waterproof, fully dust proof, shockproof and anti-explosion.
  • Yitamotor 120W Jeep Led light bar contains mounting bracket and wire for easy installation.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Yitamotor 24″ Offroad Led light bar can be compatible with most Jeep, 4×4, Trucks, Automobiles, Motorbikes, SUV, ATV, Boats …etc.
  • Refund in case of rick when operating within 30 days; 2-year warranty for any errors.


  • The hardware screws can lose; you can take the time to tighten as desired.
  • When in continuous use in wind, rain, it can be humid.
  • Accessories may not fit into your vehicle holes but you can still replace them.

Xprite E1 Series Off Road 40 LEDs Waterproof With 12V 40 Amp On/Off Switch Harness Connector Relay Wire


  • With aluminum alloy casting material, the light bar is designed to eliminate the heat and increase the lifecycle up to 30,000 hours.Xprite-Straight-Waterproof-Polaris-Connector
  • IP67 rating provides waterproof, low/ high temperature (-45 to 85°C) dust proof and anti-rust.
  • Led Xprite E1 Series Off Road 24″ 120W 40 Led light bar has the high efficiency with very low power consumption.
  • The product is widely used to many vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, construction vehicles, passenger cars, ATV, SUV, UTE, 4×4 ….etc.; use outdoor lighting such as for construct, extraction, camping and entertainment …etc.
  • Easy mounting on flat surfaces


  • The design is pretty rough, not as neat as other counterparts for the cars
  • You may need more wires to install.
  • The installation options are limited, uncommon.
  • The bolts on the light bar are not strong enough to cause flickering when the light is on in a short time.

Topcar light 24 inch 120w LED Work Light Bar Flood/spot Combo Beam Lights


  • High lifecycle of about 30,000 hours and stable operation with operating voltages: 10-32V DC with pure white light color temperature 6000K.Topcarlight-24inch-Light-Flood-Lights
  • Save energy, low power consumption.
  • With Ip67 waterproofing and anti-corrosion rating, the product can be used in rain or extreme environment.
  • Led light bar has leak-proof design with aluminum housing.
  • The light beams in combination with Combo give the wide and far range of light activity with the front and side vision.
  • The product can be installed on various trucks, SUVs, automobiles, ships and other means of transport.
  • Easy installation.


  • The light is reduced after 20 hours of continuous use
  • Short attached accessory cord, you should buy more if the product is placed in a special position

Primeprolight Curved Led Light Bar Waterproof Work Off Road Lamp Bar


  • Using high quality new technology, Primeprolight Curved 120w 24″ Inch Led light bar is designed by aluminum die cast base, leakage-proof bar with aluminum and stainless steel housing.Primeprolight-Curved-Light-Flood-Waterproof
  • Primeprolight Curved 120w 24″ Inch Led light bar works steadily with 6800 Lumen light intensity and 6000K color temperature.
  • The lifecycle is high up to over 30,000 hours.
  • The Led light bar has IP 67 waterproof rating that helps waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-dirt and shock, suitable for the cars that often operate in rain or extreme environment.
  • Energy saving, low power consumption, with operating voltage: 10-32V DC, Watts LED: 120W
  • The Combo light beam covers the wide and far range to help the driver broaden the view to both sides and far.
  • The product is used for installation on various trucks, SUV, cars, ships and other vehicles.


  • 24-inch length includes the frame

Temporary conclusion

The above 5 Led light bars are the best products in 2017 to support the light for the cars operating under extreme conditions. Depending on preferences and operation demands of the cars, install various LED light bars.

For example, Eyourlife 24″ LED Light Bar or Topcarlight 24-inch 120w LE is the most suitable for me; more precisely, it is suited for SUVs for long trips on coast or even desert.In the foggy weather condition, the Yitamotor 24″ Offroad Led is ideal for you. Or for the vehicles used in the construction field with the quality in top priority, you can choose Xprite E1 Series Off Road or Primeprolight Curved.

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