Top 7 best 52-inch Led Light Bars in 2017

For all different car models, a relative simple but very useful adjustment is to add a good quality LED light bar. It is very useful for you when moving on the street especially when on dark, bad weathers, rough terrains.

The Led light bar has various sizes for your choice: 6 inch, 12 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch, 50 inch and specially, introduction of 52-inch Led light bar; in addition to lighting to ensure safety on the street, it is very suitable when you need to light up during camping or outdoor parties.
In the list below, we show 7 best 52-inch Led light bars in 2017:

Comparison: 7 best 52-inch Led light bars in 2017

What is the Led light bar?

A light bar is a short or long array of high brightness LED lights. These LED lights add to the vehicle headlights. They provide a brighter, broader light beam and penetrate everything in front, behind or to sides. They are very beneficial for driving at night or when illuminating trails, campsites or work areas.

Benefits of using Led light bar

LED lighting bar provides optimum visibility in the dark. Driving at the night is often dangerous, limited visibility because your vehicle light is not enough to see through fog or darkness. With using a high brightness LED light bar, you can make a significant difference in street visibility, which will make you more comfortable on driving.

LED light bar is not only an extra decoration for your car but also useful. If you are experiencing an outdoor event at night, the LED lighting bar will give you the perfect lighting conditions. If you have an accident, a powerful lighting bar will be very helpful

Notes to choose a 52-inch Led light bar

Obviously, the LED light bar is very diverse and rich; its difference includes brightness, light color, lifecycle. To choose a good LED light bar, you need to note following things

* What’s length of Led light bar you want?

Most 20-inch Led light bars provide enough light in good or bad weather when driving on paved streets. If you drive many various streets, you should choose the 52 inch Led light bar.

* Where to install the Led light bar?

This seems nothing to note, but it is a factor you should consider. The position where you place your light bar will affect not only place of light but also the size of light bar you need.

For most vehicles, the best position to install the LED light bar is on the windshield. In here, the LED light bar is high enough to illuminate trails to observe any hazards in front, without the light being lost due to obstructions.

For example, Jeep, Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series and Toyota Tundra have the light bar with specially designed rack to attach the light bar on the windshield.

* Lens

Choosing the right lens will make a huge difference. The newer lenses such as 6D and 7D lenses focus more light directly on the front of your vehicle. Older lenses, such as 3D, will waste a lot of light, with very little to light up the street in front of you. However, 3D lens is the cheapest and most popular option.

* IP rating

Another way to compare the best LED light bar from a lower quality one is to view an IP rating. What is the IP rating? The IP rating helps consumers know how well the light bar is built. “IP” is the acronym of “Ingress Protection”; the best LED light bar will have an IP 67 rating.

* Shape

The shape of light bar is also a factor to consider. The straight light bar will naturally focus more light on the front of vehicle, while a curved light bar will lighten the edges of street better.

Rigidhorse 500W 50000lm 52-Inch 5D LED Light Bar

Rigidhorse is a famous brand of vehicle lights, and the products are strictly tested before being introduced to the market.


  • Use cree led, top famous brand in the worldRigidhorse-500W-50000lm-52-Inch-Light
  • Ability to illuminate at extreme distance without lot of energy consumption
  • The curved design combines to the lens that provides a wide vision. The fish eye lens design provides ultra-long light distance for optimum light distribution
  • With aluminum housing and polycarbonate glass, waterproof, impact resistance, you will fell ensured to use in all environment and extreme conditions.
  • Rigidhorse LED lighting bar can be applied to trucks, boats, cars, 4X4, ATV, 4WD, SUV, UTE
  • Use the most advanced lighting system, the actual illumination efficiency is 85% higher than other products are available in the market.


  • The manual of use instructions is not included.
  • High price

Autofeel 52″ Led Light Bar Triple Row 783W 78300LM Cree 7D


  • With 3 parallel light rows, you can obtain clearer vision while drivingAutofeel-Light-Triple-78300LM-Pickup
  • The lenses and reflectors use 7D technology and provide better illumination efficiency of 93%, while the old products only bring efficiency of 30-60%
  • 7D version is 1.8 times brighter than the 5D one
  • Waterproof cushion and frame with high-grade screws provide better seal ability; make sure that the screws are tightly tied together, which will prevent leaking water, and protect the lifecycle of product better.
  • Good anti-theft capability: We provide special key to you and if someone intends to steal your light bar, he/she should have the genuine kit.
  • Aluminum alloy radiator is manufactured with the most modern technology extending the lifecycle of product to more than 50.000 hours. The product has a 1-year warranty


  • High price

Led Light Bar, ECCPP 52 inch IP 67 Waterproof Off Road Lights Fog Lamp


  • High brightness, high illumination efficiency: ECCPP 52 inch 300W Flood Spot light bar emits a powerful light beam with a combination of near beam and far beam.Light-ECCPP-Drving-Lights-Waterproof
  • ECCPP 52 inch 300W Flood Spot external frame is made of stainless steel and has a high anti-corrosion. The product ensures nearly 100% waterproof and dirt-proof.
  • The use of aluminum alloy makes the heat dissipation easily and quickly, so the lifecycle of bar light bar can be up to 30000 hours
  • It is always firmly mounted on the bar even when driving in rough terrain.
  • Suitable for most vehicles
  • Cheap price


  • Low lifecycle

YITAMOTOR Curved 52″ Offroad Led Light Bar


  • Special curve design with aluminum alloy frame, YITAMOTOR 52″ Offroad LED Light Bar” is the ideal choice to illuminate everything in front of you.YITAMOTOR-Curved-Offroad-Wiring-Harness
  • YITAMOTOR light bar consists of screws and mounting bracket, so you fell assured during driving on rough streets
  • With a lifecycle of more than 50,000 hours, it is more durable than the competitive counterparts. The IP67 rating shows its amazingly waterproof and dustproof
  • The combination of two 60-degree and 30-degree beam makes this product lighter and produces a wider beam of light that gives you clear vision in any terrain and avoid potential dangers on the street ahead.
  • YITAMOTOR 52 Led light bar is compatible with most Jeeps, trucks, cars, motorcycles, SUV, ATVs. In addition, this light bar also works very well when driving under difficult conditions such as fog


  • IP67 rating is lower than competitive counterparts

LED Light Bar Nilight 52 Inch 2 Years Warranty


  • White light: LED light bar is made of high-quality plastics and PC lens with high light transmission; the light bar can illuminate effectively while driving.LED Light Bar Nilight 52 Inch LED Work
  • Effective protection: With IP67 waterproof rating, the light bar can resist water and dust, avoid moisture and condensation.
  • Better illumination efficiency: You can look farther and have a broader vision with the appropriate combination of spot and flashed beams.
  • Vibration reduction: Firmly fixed frame; tightly designed screws give you fell ensured when driving on the rough terrains.
  • Be compatible with: jeep, 4×4, cars, trucks, SUV, ATV, boats and suitable for camping, outdoor parties


  • Low lifecycle
  • Light beams are mainly focused ahead rather than to the sides, so the wide vision does not really met the majority of user demand.

Eyourlife 52 inch 300W Light Bar Extra LED


  • Eyourlife 52-inch Led light bar with rugged aluminum housing, back side designed for easy heat dissipation make the lifecycle of Eyourlife up to 50000 hoursEyourlife-Light-Extra-Flood-Combo
  • Eyourlife does not provide custom mounting rack, but its design brings extensive flexibility in frame. You only need to mount the frame into the most convenient position on your vehicle. The light bar is mounted on the frame in a fixed position by bolts.
  • The exterior lens is made of transparent quartz, which transmits light up to nearly 100%, protects the LED from external impacts.


  • Eyourlife 52 inch 300W has a poor color screen: 6100K, which can lead to fatigue when driving at the night.
  • No safety belt
  • IP67 rating is much lower than the competitive counterparts

OSRAM 52 INCH Jeep Wrangler JK & 3 Lead Remote Switch Wiring Harness & Mounting Bracket


  • OSRAM 52 INCH has up to 100 300W Led lights for very high light intensity of up to 30000LM; the light beam helps to give the father and wider vision to driver.Harness-Mounting-Bracket-Wrangler-Unlimited
  • Lens material made of PMMA can withstand the temperature up to 40 to 85°C. OSRAM 52 INCH is made of anti-shock aluminum, anti-corrosion and dustproof …etc. and IP67 rating of maximum waterproof
  • Good application for Jeep Wrangler JK produced from 2007-2016


  • High price
  • Low lifecycle
  • Be not compatible with many different vehicles


So what is the best LED light bar to you? Actually, there is no specific, correct answer and no light bar is suitable for many different vehicles.With the above comparison, Rigidhorse 500W 50000lm 52-Inch 5D LED Light Bar is a LED light bar with many outstanding advantages: high lifecycle, high light performance, good waterproof, suitable for many vehicles…etc., this is the good LED light bar that you should experience

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